Second Life News 2014-26


The Deploys thread tells that the main channel is going to update Tuesday to the Sunshine package that has the AISv3 updates. This ran on Blue Steel last week. The main release viewer had the AISv3 updates. With the AIS running on all the grid, this feature will be everywhere and the viewer can take advantage of it.

The Station 2014

The Station 2014

There is also an anti-griefing measure included in this package. Since that is a security issue the Lindens don’t talk about the nature of it.

RC Channels

Blue Steel and Le Tigre will both get the same new maintenance package. The package has the new Linden Scripting Language (LSL) functions for handling materials. To see the effects of the Materials System you must have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. 

The features are additions to the functions;  llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsllGetLinkPrimitiveParams, and similar functions. The new prim parameters in those functions are; PRIM_NORMALPRIM_SPECULAR, and PRIM_ALPHA_MODE. Read the details in the wiki.

The package also includes a fix for: “Land impact shown in build tool is not immediately recalculated when first material is added to the child prim of a linkset” (BUG-3414)

Magnum will continue to run the Experience Tools infrastructure update.


As of late Monday the main SL Viewer is: 3.7.10-291134 – The release notes are supposed to be here. As of about 4:45PM PDT they had not been posted. This is the viewer that can use the new AISv3 services and thus should have fewer problems rendering the avatar.

RC & Project Viewers

Snowstorm RC Viewer version – This release is a collection of open source additions. See the release notes for the details.

Project GroupBan Viewer version – This is the viewer you need to ban people from your groups. The feature is already grid wide. But, the viewer is catching up.

Project OculusRift Viewer version – We know what this one is.

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  1. is this weeks release notes, they are under 3.7.1.x but above 3.7.2.x for some reason.

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