Cool VL Viewer

This viewer seems to silently update. The current release is dated 2014-06-07 and is labeled version  CoolVLViewer-

The page with Linux and Mac versions is here: Cool VL Viewer.

4 thoughts on “Cool VL Viewer

  1. I’m not sure it silently updates. Do you mean auto ? As I’ve never had that happen.
    Henri usually updates every weekend, Saturday or Sunday and there is always a post with a link to the forum that has the latest changes.

  2. Not sure what you mean by “silently update”…

    The Cool VL Viewer is updated almost every week (or two weeks, since lately, LL has been rather “lazy” at releasing new code and bug fixes), and each time an announcement is done on the support forum (announcements in: ).

    Of course, it is kept up to date with the very latest features (it currently supports AISv3, for example).

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