Second Life Bits and Pieces 2014-17

This last weekend was Easter Weekend, for Christians a big deal. Lots to do, family stuff, dress up, and eating good food. By tomorrow I’ll know how much of what I gained is water retention from salty foods. Ugh. But, it was yummy good and fun.




Second Life’s eleventh birthday is approaching. Ciaran Laval has an article up that is interesting and gives the details: Second Life’s 11th Birthday Plans Announced.

I’ve been around SL for 6+ years now. Wow.

The party is June 22-29. 

Drax Radio

Dar and Jo have up their weekly audio of their Radio Show. I tend to listen to it on Youtube (subscribe: draxfiles). This is episode 15: Reconnecting with Education.

There is an interesting part where Ebbe Altberg is talking. He explains how they listen to customers, users of Second Life™. Paraphrasing, he says they listen to what we say and ask for, but not how to do it. They have found we consistently do NOT know how to do things. I suspect I could debate that. But, he goes on to say they watch what we do and then try to make that easier, simpler, better, and fit to what we are doing and wanting. Depending on how one hears what he is saying, his statement moves the debate to a much higher and realistic level.

It is only when we cry in pain that they believe we know exactly what we are talking about. Thus it is complaints to which they respond to most quickly. Whether they are bug fixes or work flow issues. My experience is if either is well articulated in the JIRA it gets fixed.

I think an example of the latter pain point some may think breaks the pattern is bake fail. I know we have been told the Lab will take on low hanging fruit first, the easy things first. Fixing bake fail was anticipated to be a big complex and messy fix. I think it was put off until Rod Humble decided the Lab should bit the bullet and do it. Two years later we are seeing the final bake fail fixes falling into place.


When everyone else is writing about places to visit, I tend to skip doing the same places. But, the recent coverage of Spanish Wells (moderate) deserves a mention.


They have new offices now. Visit: PrimPerfect(Maps URL) – Accessible via Blake Sea.

This is one of the more interesting spots in SL. Check it out.

Gorgeous Shoes

Check out 21shoe for some gorgeous shoes that work with Slink feet. 21shoe is an event, not so much a brand. Their gimmick is 2 for 1, a good gimmick for us. This is a 24 hour long event that happens at participating stores on the 21is of the month.

These are to be exclusive items only sold in the specific colors or styles during the 21shoe event. KoiKoi, Hucci, Slink, SySy’s, and ieQED (web) are displaying today for April. (I’m not ignoring Slink, I just figure most of you have a link to that store. I mean if I do…)

Designers that want to participate can apply here: 21shoe Application.

There are lots of gorgeous mesh creations in these stores. I haven’t checked out my demos to see if they are standard, Liquid, or Fitted mesh.

New World Notes

Something seems to have happened to New World Notes domain. It now brings up Typepad’s site. I expect that to get fixed sometime today.

Fitted Mesh

I am seeing a fairly steady stream of people asking for help with Fitted Mesh in the SL Forum. Often they are new to SL. If you are looking for help with Fitted Mesh the forum is a good place to look.




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