Linden’s Patterns Password Recovery

You can’t! Want to see how bad it is? Watch the video. You only need to watch the first 5 minutes. The rest is all in the same trend.

WARNING: Bad language.

Yeah, I forgot my password too. It never occurred to me that Linden Lab would not provide a way to recover a lost password. And obviously support was no help.

5 thoughts on “Linden’s Patterns Password Recovery

  1. If you are running Patterns through Desura or Steam, this appears to largely be a non-issue.

    As the Lab advises, simply create a new Patterns account, and you’ll have access to all your existing world builds / mods and will be able to edit, delete them whether offline or logged-in to the Cosmos. In the case of the latter, you’ll also be able to upload them (they’ll obviously just appear under your new user name, which admittedly could be a pain for anyone known in the Cosmos as a builder of fun worlds).

    The only other pain appears to be if you regularly play in multi-player mode, as you have to advise anyone you play with regularly of your new user name so that they can invite you into any games they are hosting.

    • The video points out that all shared worlds and builds are lost with the password. So, a new email account and password is not an good solution.

      I am still of the opinion that not having a password recovery process is a horrible oversight on the Lab’s part. And I think a rather novice mistake.

  2. \The video points out that all shared worlds and builds are lost with the password. \

    And that doesn’t appear to be the case. I’ve played with this up and down and sideways, and I’ve yet to find an instance where I cannot access a world I have edited / modified from any account I create on the computer on which they were first created. This includes all worlds shared via local hosting in multi-player mode and all worlds shared via the Cosmos.

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