Second Life News 2014-14

Servers Main Channel

Today the package from Magnum was rolled to the main channel. This package has a couple of bug fixes.

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a rare case in which certain users were unable to log in (BUG-5130)
    • Fix for a case in which multiple scripts in the same prim calling llTakeControls() with heterogeneous ‘accept’ and ‘pass_on’ parameters would not receive acontrol() event correctly in some cases (BUG-5281)
    • Updated LSL syntax file to use a new schema (fixes STORM-2000)
      • This change is for a viewer in testing; see STORM-1831 for more information
  • Fixed a crash mode

Server RC Channels

Blue Steel and Le Tigre will continue running the Inventory Package. I suspect the change here is that this week the AISv3 features will be enabled.

Magnum joins the other channels in running the same Inventory package.

Double Roll

Some region owners were reporting double restarts this morning. Calab Linden posted: “I got the word from engineering that the double rolls were manually triggered by accident but they shouldn’t compromise the sims’ performances once up. This only affected a small group of regions.


This morning the main viewer is still: 3.7.4-288138.

RC Viewers

Things have not really changed since my Saturday post. One of the expected viewers is out.

Voice Viewer version

Still no new Sunshine Viewer. Expect it later this week… maybe.

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