Visage Coming to Second Life

Slink Visage is to release March 7th, this Friday. What is it? Check out the video.

Another video…

Bits of the announcement started coming out in February 2014. We’ll get the full story tomorrow, Friday. But, it appears to be a mesh head along the lines of Slink hands and feet, but more fun. 

If you haven’t been following along in the fashion world, you probably have not noticed Slink being everywhere.  There are Slink, hands, nails, feet, and now it seems heads.

I am seeing more shoes being sold without feet. They rely on people having Slink feet. This does simplify life. A person matches skin for maybe 3 different types of foot (flat- sandals, mid-heels, and high-CFM_extreme) and then they are done with the skin matching process… forever. And even with 3 styles of foot, you really only need to match skin once and copy to the other two. At least that is the idea. It works out pretty well. And once you have made one match, any others you may make are really easy.

People can buy shoes and wear them with their Slink feet without having to do a skin match for each new pair of shoes. Yay! But, I’m not at all sure how well they are going to work with stockings. I have yet to try that. But, stocking matching between brands is a problem with Stelettos and NCore too. But, I think the blend layers might be a little bit of a complication. I suppose I would just take them off.

Slink makes hands and nails. The hands look better than the avatar’s default hands. MUCH better. If you haven’t seen how the hands work, check out the video.

This is one of the easier skin matching systems around. My Nomine skin doesn’t match any matching system presets I’ve ever seen. So, I was all the way into using the color palette to finish up the matching. So, even the worst case situation this seem works remarkable well.

If you are using Slink to match skin, be sure you remember to click the Reset Tint to White button. If you miss that, you’ll never get a good match.

I’ll be checking out the head demo if I can get into Slink tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Visage Coming to Second Life

  1. Slink avatar enhancement feet include a tattoo layer and a stocking layer that are separate from the skin. Match your skin once, then you can wear stockings on them. The stockings even behave like proper stockings and go around your foot instead of between your toes. Both the tattoos and the stockings work with appliers, and you can get them from lots of vendors.

    • One would think so. But, the new avatar added only a few connections to the morph controls. AFAIK there are no head controls we can link to. I’ve seen Head Size in Appearance change the Slink head, but most of the other sliders only affect the eye-balls. I’m writing my experience with the Slink Demo Head now.

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