Second Life News 2014-10 #2

There are a couple of new RC Viewers out now.

Voice Viewer version – This RC Viewer pulls in Vivox 4.6.x libraries instead of the 4.5 libraries for improved stability and to address reported issues. If you are having voice problems, try this viewer.

Sunshine Viewer version – This is a promotion of the Project Viewer The release notes say it had improved stability and retry capabilities for Server Side Avatar baking. It should be able to better detect ‘stuck’ conditions and clear them so the avatar will render. 

Lots of old code from the old avatar client side baking has being removed. This is code that will remain in third party viewers (TPV) to maintain compatibility with other grids.

This viewer includes AISv3 support. The notes say the features it depends on have not been released server side. But, I believe the features were released to the Magnum channel last week and remain in place this week.

AISv3 is the change in out the backside of the SL system that handles inventory requests. Failures in that system have caused the avatar bake fail that leaves avatars as a particle cloud. How the system receives and handles requests has been changed with AISv3.

Third party viewers are working on adding these changes. I expect the voice update to happen in all viewers very quickly. As I mentioned in a previous article the FS team was thinking of offering it as a anul update to the next viewer version they release. They won’t have time to completely test it, this the manual update for those that need it now.

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