Second Life News 2013-51 #2


We have a new Linden Scripting Language (LSL) function coming: llScaleByFactor(). It allows for uniform scaling of an entire linked set with one LSL call. If you size hair or shoes, you may notice the ripple of size changes as the item is scaled prim by prim. This function will provide a faster and more efficient way to accomplish the same thing.

This change will go into an RC release that is planned for January.

Server-Scripting Meeting 2013-51 - Andrew's last meeting.

Server-Scripting Meeting 2013-51 – Andrew’s last meeting.

Andrew says this feature is already running in ADITI on there regions: Boardman, Borrowdale, Balance, Mayfair and Hawkshead. So, you should be able to test the function there, now.

Andrew Linden says the function has a known bug: “A known bug is that llGetMaxScaleFactor() will test against the max prim sizes and linkability rules, but not Land Impact limits of the parcel.”

llGetMaxScaleFactor() returns the max multiplicative scale factor.

llGetMinScaleFactor()) returns smallest possible float multiplicative scale factor for the object.

llScaleByFactor(float) returns TRUE if the scale change succeeded.

Group Ban

Baker Linden tells us he doing pretty good. Now working more on viewer side stuff [of group ban] now. Actually starting the viewer-side changes this week.

Now, when you enable the ban ability to a role, it will automatically grant the “eject” and “remove roles” abilities.  Baker says while that’s been discussed before, it actually happens now. However, you won’t be able to disallow those two roles until you disable the ban ability.

Also, added to the server code is code that will automatically eject a member, as long as the ejector has both the “eject” and “remove roles” abilities. So if a group manager has both of the abilities, they will no longer have to remove all the roles from someone and then eject them. That will now be automated.

Disappearing Prims

There is some word that prims are disappearing from regions in a somewhat random fashion. Some people have found a recent (roughly the last 3 weeks) bug where prims suddenly end up in Lost & found, or worse just disappear, for no reason whatsoever.

Dante Spectre is seeing this in some regions and is looking for help tracking the problem down. Dante is seeing about 10% go to Lost & Found, 10% end up somewhere else on the sim and the rest just poof. Dante is seeing the problem in Dwarfins Rock, Rossavik, Hiddn Sanctuary, Hawthorn Estate, Bull Island, and numerous other regions.

It looks like Simon Linden is going to help set up a copy of Dwarfins Rock on the Preview Grid (ADITI). Monitoring software will watch for the problem and they’ll see if they can duplicate the problem.

If you are seeing this type of disappearing prim problem file a JIRA and mention Simon’s name.

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