Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

A new Internet type radio show is coming. Inara Pey is involved and promoting the show on her blog. I gather from her articles she has been instrumental in getting Drax and Jo to go ahead with this project. See the latest here: The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched. The original, I think, announcement is here: Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January.

From Inara we learn Draxtor Despres, of Flufee and World Makers fame, and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920’s Berlin in Second Life™, will be hosting the show. Both Drax and Jo are pretty much pro Second Life™. So, I see the coming of this show as a balance to the negative energy of the Metareality’s podcasts.

I think people have always needed multiple sources of information. Humans tend to be biased, prejudiced, and often have an agenda. That is not necessarily a bad thing. But, it does make it hard for us to see things without our particular colored glasses. Between Metareality and Drax Radio we can probably get a more accurate picture of Second Life. I am looking forward to how this goes.

Web Site

Drax has made a web site/blog to support the show. Visit DraxFile.com. There isn’t much there yet.

The first article there gives you contact information: skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles & radio@draxfiles.com.  Drax also says, “Expect engaging discussion but most definitely count out a scream/swear-fest or salivating fanboy meet-up!” OK, I could make some speculations here about whether this is a shot or not… instead I’ll just say this sounds good.

There was an offer to give the first ten commenter’s a mention on the inaugural show. There are  now more than ten comments. Strawberry did make the top ten. Go Berry!

Inara makes the first comment on what could be in the first show; discussion of how the SL platform has changed in the last year. That should be interesting. I usually do an article on the SL changes for the year. My last one was: Looking Back at Second Life 2012. I plan to do a new one for 2013.

You can find the TL:DR version of the longer 12 page review of 2012 here: 2012 – The Short List.

Madame Thespian suggests discussing the early pioneers of virtual worlds. I’m not that intrigued. There are lots of articles about that subject. Several articles and books have been written about the creation of SL. See Hamlet’s book.

Natascha Randt suggests getting Jo Yardley to talk about her projects. That sounds interesting.

Linsey Carter suggests discussing what makes up a community when there are no geographic, social, ethnic, or belief system (religion & politics) limits. How does one fit these diversities together? Jo may be able to work that out. She deals with mixing history and present day. Drax I expect to have a challenge with it.

In the comments there are only 4 suggestions. I am betting the next 6 suggestions will likely still get a mention in the show even if they are not in the first 10 comments. Click over and make a suggestion or two.


What is any promotional effort without a Facebook page? Not much. So, Drax Radio has a Facebook page: The Drax Files Radio Hour. No Google+ page yet, those are needed to prime the Google search results. But, you can find Drax on Google+.


You probably know Draxtor Dupres from the days of the Flufee videos. Or at least from his more recent work: World Maker Episodes. You can find lots of his video work on YouTube in his channel. You may also have heard him when he participated in Metareality podcasts (TM 15:30) with Kimberly Winnington (SL: Gianna Borgnine).

His talent allows him to well communicate his excitement about subjects like Second Life. His expression is definitely visually oriented. Having debated him on political points I know he is less a master of verbal discussion. So, it will be interesting to see how he delivers the radio show. With time to prepare and edit thoughts I expect it to be another well done production one can look forward to.


Jo Yardley's Blog

Jo Yardley’s Blog

You probably know Jo from 1920s Berlin in Second Life. She has an interesting RL story and has made a historically correct recreation of 1920’s Berlin in SL. If you plan to visit, remember there is a strict dress code. Go get some 1920’s clothes before visiting. Or grab some from the landing zone or nearby shops. One of the stores has things by era; 1920’s, 1950’s, etc.

There are some very sexy 1920’s dresses. But, the 1920’s styles are not the American Roaring 20’s flapper dresses. Jo is strict about the dress code to preserve the roll play quality. So, take a look at the 1920’s styles in real photos before buying. Knee length and longer shirts and jewel, cardigan, pixie and Peter Pan collar tops are the basic style. Skin is out. So, halter and off-the-shoulder collar lines and other low cut tops won’t do.

The Show

Inara posts that the first show is January 10th, 2014 a Friday. The time is shown as  07:00 SLT. Since Drax is in California, last I checked, I would tend to assume that would be in the evening. But, as it is written as 07 and the show is a podcast, pre-recorded, I’ll take it as 7 AM SLT.

It should be interesting to see the Metareality and Drax Radio content. I am looking forward to the shows.

2 thoughts on “Drax Files Radio

  1. Thanks!
    I am pro SL because I see the potential and have generally very good experienced trough 1920s Berlin.
    But I hope that I can also be critical and complain a bit now and then because although I love my SL, I still see plenty of room for improvement and as a sim owner quite a few things annoy me.

    • I think we have similar views about Second Life. I do look forward to hearing you contribute to the show. Even when critical of things you seem to keep things positive.

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