1920’s Berlin Birthday

Jo Yardley has a post up reminding us this coming May 30 will be the fifth anniversary of her 1920’s Berlin project. See: The 1920s Berlin Project celebrates its 5th anniversary!

For the Open Door Day (May 29 – Thursday) Jo is saying that any attire will be permitted in Berlin. So, if you have put off visiting because you play as a furry, other non-human, or just do not have 1920’s era clothes then this is your opportunity to visit.

Also, on Open Door Day you will find Open House signs on some areas that are normally private. This means places we cannot normally visit will be open.

See the full schedule of events on Jo’s site here: 1920’s Berlin Project.

Visit 1920’s Berlin (SLURL) – Remember. Any day other than May 29 requires conforming to the region dress code; human only and 1920’s attire… and that is  not the Roaring 1920’s styles I think most Americans associate with the era. There are free clothes and retail shops with era clothes at the landing point outside the main project area.


Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

A new Internet type radio show is coming. Inara Pey is involved and promoting the show on her blog. I gather from her articles she has been instrumental in getting Drax and Jo to go ahead with this project. See the latest here: The Drax Files Radio Hour blog launched. The original, I think, announcement is here: Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January.

From Inara we learn Draxtor Despres, of Flufee and World Makers fame, and Jo Yardley, creator of 1920’s Berlin in Second Life™, will be hosting the show. Both Drax and Jo are pretty much pro Second Life™. So, I see the coming of this show as a balance to the negative energy of the Metareality’s podcasts.

I think people have always needed multiple sources of information. Humans tend to be biased, prejudiced, and often have an agenda. That is not necessarily a bad thing. But, it does make it hard for us to see things without our particular colored glasses. Between Metareality and Drax Radio we can probably get a more accurate picture of Second Life. I am looking forward to how this goes. Continue reading