Fitted Mesh Update

It seems the FBX file provided in the wiki does not load into Blender. It is something to do with the Blender FBX importer.

Avastar has a new test version out that has the new avatar collision bones. It is version: If you have purchased Avastar, you can download and install the test version using your download URL. AFAIK, there is no raw file up yet. Gaia found a problem and corrected it. But, the fix is not official yet. There is a JIRA bug report: FITMESH-2.

If you don’t have Avastar, you may be able to use the FBX converter provided by AutoDesk to convert to a format that works. I haven’t completed testing alternate paths yet.

At Oz Linden’s Open Source Meeting he said Redpoly is working on creating a Collada file (.DAE)

2 thoughts on “Fitted Mesh Update

  1. Blender’s FBX importer doesn’t yet support importing armatures. You can read about that here:

    But yes awesomely Gaia already has updated Avastar and it’s working great with the new bones.

  2. I provided a DAE file converted directly from the one give by Oz. People must take into account that is a complete direct conversion and is NOT fixed with all bones name to be ready to upload to SL. Anyway, there are a lot of wrong weighted vertexs and wrong geometry. I recommend to people to only use this file with testing purposes and not to take it as an official final result untill LL fixes its own main file.

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