Second Life News 2013-47 #2

There is nothing new on the server front since Tuesday. See: Second Life News 2013-47 for details on the servers.

Next week (48) is a no change window. That means no rollouts. Also, there will not be a Server Beta User Group meeting that week.

Server Beta User Group 2013-46

Server Beta User Group 2013-46

Since the revised Grey Goo fence settings came on line the Lindens have not heard complaints in that regard. So, they are assuming their fix is working. This is about large building rezzers failing because the tighter settings for the fence was catching them. Unless the Lindens see complaints, this problem is considered fixed.

There was discussion of problems with scripts using collision detection and crossing regions. Air planes using Mono scripts with collision cannot cross regions. This may be related to BUG-4084. 

A work around is to put the collision events in a separate script compiled to LSL2 rather than Mono.

The Lindens are trying to find the problem and reproduce it so they can fix it. If you can reliably reproduce the problem send Maestro Linden a copy of the script and your step-by-step.

RC Test Regions

You may have noticed the main grid RC Test regions went from 4 each to 1. That has changed back. No word on what that was about.

Region Restarts

The RC regions were rolled out using new rollout scripts. A person should see more pronounced warning of a coming region restart. Warning start about 5 minutes in advance of the restart. But, if everyone leaves the region, the restart begins as soon as the last avatar leaves.

If you have Estate Manager powers, you can use the Sim Debug panel to trigger a restart. Using the restart 5.5 command will restart the region with a 5 minute warning and you can see all the new warnings.

I don’t have Estate Manager powers so I can’t test the feature.

Inventory Management

There is an old bug about packing things into a box (prim cube) and saving it in inventory. If you try to move more than about 30 items, some items can fail to make it into the box.

I learned that some people use Note Card for such storage. Maestro tells that the inventory process for note cards is very different than from prims. Still it seems that only 30 items transfer reliably.

See: BUG-1130.

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