Second Life Mesh Deformer Update 2013-37

Oz Lies

There is a claim that: Oz is bad and he lies and everything bad we have ever said about him is true and he alone is the reason the Deformer is not being released… and please do not bother me with facts to the contrary.

Well, I can probably prove he does lie. I think he has on occasion omitted and spun information in an attempt to manipulate the community or avoid confrontation/conflict. I also think he has learned from those attempts. I doubt you will ever catch him maliciously lying or be able to even show where he ever did. He has grown and improved his ability to liaison with the SL community. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the whiners.

I believe I can prove that just about everyone lies. We have some examples from the Plurk thread that I have pointed out. But, I believe everyone has told a lie at some point. I also think those making claims about what Oz does or is are very much projecting onto Oz, which may be why the old saying of ‘if you have nothing good to say, say nothing’ is considered wise.

Open Source at Lab is Dying

Then there are those so uninformed that they think Open Source at the Lab is dying. One of the large projects we all know about is the new Materials System. That was mostly third party developed, open source.

There is the Snowstorm Project Viewer. This is a viewer channel that is gathering up all the open source contributions that have been setting for ages and moving them into the SL Viewer.

If anything is changing in this regard, open source is more alive and accepted at the Lab now than ever before in the history of Second Life. I’ll admit my knowledge of SL history is limited. But, I haven’t come across anything to suggest to me there was ever a time when open source was as popular with the Lab as it is now.


Some people feel they can have an opinion and it is as good as facts. They certainly can have opinions and pretend they are facts. But stating opinion as fact will draw blow back. Everyone can and does have opinions. But, standing on opinion dressed up pretending to be facts tends to lead one into delusions. Dealing with delusional people is difficult at best and in my experience delusional people are often miserable victims.

Saying one is well informed and thus their opinion is right, factual, and even justified makes one look stupid to those that know more. But, people can chose to look stupid and reveal the level of their ignorance. I do wonder why people choose to do that.

Believing misinformed opinions leads one off into delusion. Generally, since one trying to change the world based on a delusion that only exists in one’s mind, that leads to a victimization thinking, as no matter what one does they cannot change the world. To be able to effect change one has to avoid delusions and misleading opinions and find the facts and opinions that fit the real world situation.

One person says they respect Karl and will go along with Karl’s opinion of Oz… I hope people can see the lack of reason in that type of thinking. Especially when said to someone that deals with Oz on a regular basis.

The person points out they have no time to find or consider or bother with facts… they just go with basing opinion of a person on what someone else thinks. I think that is what many of us do. There are scientific studies that say that is what we do. We are all time limited. But, the challenge is in deciding when to act on opinion. Failing to remember it is just opinion and trying to defend other opinions based on opinions… that gets really delusional.


The last week (9) of February, this year, I wrote an article on the Mesh Deformer outlining why it is stalled. See: Mesh Deformer Update 2013-9. I get into what is meant by ‘the Deformer works’. ‘WORKS’ means different things to different people in the context of the Deformer.

I’ve based that article on what Lindens have said and what I have seen. What the Lindens have said is pretty much factual. Unless one can prove a lie or substantiate a motivation for a lie, discounting what they have said is pretty much libel.

What I’ve seen and what I know of how people and businesses behave substantiates what the Lindens are saying. So, one would need to provide rational motives for a business to do the things they are accused of in the context of known business/human behavior to avoid being added to my list of delusional people I know.

Since I wrote the article the Deformer has become something the Lindens will say little about. Of course there really isn’t anything to say that has not already been said, so their saying little is not a conspiracy.

Oz’s position has been stated and does not seem to change. So, for now he doesn’t want to say anything that will stir things up. He just continues to try and move the project forward within the Lab. He is not going to say much about what he is doing and have people complaining about that too. The SL whiners close so many doors…

In two weeks Oz will be in San Francisco meeting with various people on various projects. One of those things is going to be how to use the new stats system to find out how many people run SL with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. Another has to do with animation controls in the viewer.

If you want to do something to move the Mesh Deformer and Avatar Fix (or Avatar 2.0) forward, show up at the Open Source meetings Monday 7:00AM PDT and Wednesday 3:00 PM PDT. (Location-Schedule) Get the Mesh Deformer and our interest level into Oz’s current thinking.

This video is here for a reason.

5 thoughts on “Second Life Mesh Deformer Update 2013-37

  1. Having a GPU that can take advantage of the Advanced Lighting Model
    Is by no means the same as having a computer that can handle it.
    There are very few users with a machine that can run on full Ultra with
    more than a few avatars present. You really have to have a desktop with
    a decent discreet GPU and a lot of RAM. Most users are on a laptop –
    with a small display, so why bother, and 4 RAM. Given that, it’s worth
    mortgaging the house or selling your children to white slavers to see
    Second Life at its best.

    • Do you have any hard stats to prove ‘most’ users are on laptops?

      Have you watched CPU and GPU loads with ALM enabled and disabled?

    • First of all, I must say here that I’m on a laptop. It was midrange (I paid 700 euros for it) in 2009 when I bought it (dual core, with a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD4500 – obsolete now – GPU) and I run with ALM on all the time. And I use a 15.6″ display with pathetic viewing angles and a puny 1366×768 native resolution. SL runs fine on it. Let me tell you that the heaviest load is always handled by my GPU, not the CPU – which Nalates has hinted to, but perhaps basic comprehension is not part of your job description. As for the “mortgaging the house or selling your children” bullshit, it’s pure bullshit.

    • Oh look, it’s someone trying to tell us that deferred = SL on ultra settings. Protip: All you have to do for general deferred is turn on “Advanced lighting model”, no matter whether or not you got full shadows on.

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