Second Life News 2013-37

I was hoping to hear some word on what new projects the Lab is working on. But, not yet. May be in a couple of weeks.

Interest List Viewer Side

For a few weeks now the server side of the Interest List changes have been done and rolled out. But, the viewer side of those changes is taking some time. The team working on the viewer side is still stomping on bugs.

TPV Dev Meetin 2013-30

TPV Dev Meetin 2013-30

When changing Interest List code there is lots of opportunity for mistakes and things not to work as expected. The team is working to avoid a bad launch of the viewer side changes.

And we are told this viewer side Interest List stuff is not one of the secret things coming…

Group Ban List

Baker Linden is still working on it. He continues to say things are going well, but it just is not yet ready.

Animation Interfaces

This is something Oz Linden is looking into. They will be discussing if the is something that should happen. Oz believes that if this moves ahead, it would be as part of a project that overhauls how the viewer works with animation in general. That would mean Oz would be looking for third party viewer developers to do some significant part of the viewer side work.


There is viewer side work going on and there will be another round of SSA improvements. For now there is no date on when that work will appear in a viewer RC. Oz did see that the SSA project updated to the latest viewer code. That suggests the SSA team hit some internal milestone and updated their work to test it with the latest viewer code.

Viewer Pipeline

Not much new in the viewer pipeline. There is was the Mac version for Cocoa. I suppose that suggests the code has moved to the main release. The maintenance release with lots of Materials System fixes is still there. Plus there is a Snowstorm Project viewer that has Open Source features and fixes.

Os Linden is mining the Open Source and viewer feature requests for items to work on.

The main viewer updated to 3.6.5-280370. I’ve been running on the 3.6.4 (280048) Aug 19 2013 release for a time now. So, it will be interesting to see this update. I’ve just started using it.

I am seeing more problems with attachments doing odd things and not being able to take them off… or take them off and they hang in the air.

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