Second Life News 2013-37 #2

The server roll outs are breaking pattern this week. All channels are being rolled today Tuesday. There will be roll outs Wednesday.

All channels are getting a voice package update. About the only change we will see on the gird is this voice update. Otherwise the servers stay pretty much as they were.

RC Channels

As I wrote, the roll out for all RC channels happens today, Tuesday. Blue Steel and Le Tigre get a new maintenance package. This is the one that has a fix for an Auto-Return exploit used to bypass parcel auto-return. there are other bug fixes, but the auto-return one is the one most residents will see improving Second Life. These channels also get the new voice code.

Magnum channel continues to run the same package as last week (36) with the addition of the new voice code. This package is preparatory work for changes coming to the viewers. The changes have to do with texture and asset fetching. I think this has been referred to as Monty’s HTTP package.


We’ll know more after the server user group today.

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