Second Life News 2013-36 #2

From my perspective things are quite on the development side of Second Life™.  I suppose the Lindens could just be busy cleaning up CHUI, SSA, and working on HTTP. We also know they are working on the Advanced Experience Tools, which is probably requiring the rewriting of much of the permissions handling code for the SL system. But, every now and then we get a hint some neat new things are coming. Beyond ‘neat’ we know little if anything.

Beta Server Meeting 2013-33

Beta Server Meeting 2013-33

Andrew Linden said Tuesday that he had been fixing a griefing exploit. This is the one where large prims could knock avatars out of a region. Once upon a time that had been fixed. But, at some point the fix had been broken. That has now been fixed and the code is running in the RC channels.

While we no longer have any user group or Linden person associated with the SL Web Sites, we have heard that Monty Linden is doing some ‘web site maintenance’, which I suspect is adding some of the newer HTTP protocol code to the sites. But, we don’t really know. I guess that adding the newer HTTP communication stuff to the Direct Delivery process would be an improvement. 

Group Bans is being finished up on the viewer side by Baker Linden. He expects it to be some time before we see that in an RC viewer. May be 2 to 4 weeks?

Script time recovery seems to be having some problems or at least some people think so. Time devoted to scripts by the server is a bit complicated. The Lindens had to devise ways to keep griefers from monopolizing script time. So, as a script starts to hog time there comes a time when the server starts to decease its share of run time. The effect is the script runs slower but other scripts can run faster. Then over time the server gives the script more time and it effectively speeds up.

There are legitimate reasons for a script needing to use way more CPU time for a period. But, it is also a way for griefers to slow a region down and with other tools effectively stall it.

How quickly the server lets up on a throttle depends on region’s spare time and other factors. There is some concern that in busy regions the throttles are taking too long to release unnecessarily slowing scripts. At this point a JIRA is being files and the Lindens will look into what the problem may be. 

3 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-36 #2

  1. re. “…things are quite on the development side of Second Life™.” I think this is the natural wind-down / polishing period for this year’s projects announced 3rd Q last year. I fully expect an announcement of next years projects in a month or so.

  2. so how to do that netstat-filter-trick?
    Here you go!
    – hit the Windows-Start, search for cmd andopen with that the command-prompt,
    type: netstat /an | findstr :1204.
    (with the point on the end)
    You see a table of your connections. Left ‘TCP’, your address, than the interesting destination and finally the status. Here is an example output of mine:
    C:\>netstat /an | findstr :1204.
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:50982 ESTABLISHED
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:50985 ESTABLISHED
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:51009 ESTABLISHED
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:51010 ESTABLISHED
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:51011 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP you.r a.ddr.ess:51012 CLOSE_WAIT

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