Second Life Animation Sync Problems

This video shows problems with animation sync since some Interest List roll outs. Notice the dates changing as the video plays.

A JIRA is being filed today. If you want to file a JIRA on the same problem, please do. Since referencing JIRA numbers other than your own is difficult, make a reference to the July 30 Sever-Scripting meeting and ask your report be referred to Andrew Linden.


3 thoughts on “Second Life Animation Sync Problems

  1. Nothing new here. I am friend and helper of a popular idols band in SL and this happens always since the first days of SL. There are also problems when someone is out of the camera not even playing the animation till you focuss on that avatar again. And we could also talk about the really weird speed up animation that happens when avatars are a bit far lol. I remember few years ago, trying to record a video, there was always someone who at some point goes out of sync for no reasson. Had to try like 15 times before making the video properly. We tried to change sim, go to empty places, etc.. nothing helps. Animations synchronization in SL have been always a mess.

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