Blender 2.68a Released

A couple of days ago Blender released version 2.68a. It seems a number of bugs are getting through the release candidate testing. The development team is talking about how to change their testing procedures.

The video is about Google Summer of Code work being done on Laplacian Surface Editing with Hook Objects. Don’t ask me… I don’t understand what is happening in the video. I would have to make some guesses. But, it seems to be an aid to animation, which is not what I expected from the title. 

Fixed in this release are:

  • Fix #36218: Crash deleting a sequence strip r58374
  • Fix #36216: Viewport render with CMJ sampler and unlimited passes freezes r58406
  • Fix #33016: BGE, Blender crashes on Game Engine start r58422
  • Fix #35195: BGE, Shadow Only lamps only work with Specular enabled r58427
  • Fix #36227: removing vertex colors crashes r58436
  • Fix #36223: BGE, fix crash with Game actuator r58440
  • Fix BGE, incorrect exception for SCA_JoystickSensor.axisSingle access r58441
  • Fix #36234: Dynamic Topology undo crash r58463
  • Fix #36224: Cloth Simulation Doesn’t Work on Rearranging Modifiers r58504
  • Fix #36240: Painting Undo Enable Face paint Crash r58509
  • Fix #36248: Crash using factor input on color mix node r58512
  • Fix #36247: Ocean Modifier (Geometry in Displace) – Subdivision Surface crash r58513
  • Fix Ocean Modifier crash when size is zero r58514
  • Fix #34398: BGE, illegal operator in Expression Controller r58516
  • Fix #36253: OpenGL viewport rendering to a new window fails r58520

If you are running into any of these problems, there is a fix for you.

The developers are planning future work to be done for release 2.69. One thing they are looking at is getting developers to work more on fixing problems then adding features. Another is better text rendering to allow better language support.

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