1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in One Week

This is the type of story that you don’t see in the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit the agenda. If you haven’t seen any mention of this information, realize you are only getting part of the news and consider finding a more complete news source.

1,122 Record Cold Temps173 Record Warm temps.

Record Breaking Hi & Low Temps - HamWeather.com

Record Breaking Hi & Low Temps – HamWeather.com

View the map on HamWeather.com for the interactive map. Move your cursor over dots to see the previous record. Let me know if you find high records that break records older than 1950. There is at least one: 1940.

If you are well informed about weather and temperature measuring you know that most of the world’s high temperature records were set in the 1930’s. The recording stations with broken records weren’t around in the 1930’s. So, it is sort of cheating to say these are new ‘weather’ records. They are new records for specific stations not the area.

3 thoughts on “1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in One Week

  1. The trees around here already lost their leaves. Very odd, never seen it happen that early around here.

  2. This is exactly what climate change models predict (though they are far from perfect, and I am critical of the way they are often presented as fact). More extremes in weather are likely – though determining whether these are related to climate change or just natural weather variations in the short term is always going to be impossible.

    • While the cause might seem hard to determine, history is a record of the types of change we can expect.

      The computer models of climate NOAA and NASA are using that are referenced by the UN’s IPCC are horribly inaccurate consistently failing to predict anything… The leaked up coming report shows huge discrepancies between predicted and measured… So, what climate change models are you referring to?

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