SL BUG-204

BUG-204Detaching animated object stops sit animation and throws the avi into the air.

Example of Problem from SL JIRA

Example of Problem from SL JIRA

DescriptionUsing the same scripts I have used in many other dining sets over almost 5 years, now when I detach a glass or fork containing an eating animation, the sit animation not only stops, but the avi suddenly pops up above the chair, in a seated position.

According to Monty Linden (reference) this and related bugs are being worked on.

Quote: There is work underway on animations and avatars so if anything anomalous is happening; it’s in your best interest to report a bug via Jira.  Gather up as much supporting information as you can and follow the outline here:

So, if you are seeing problems and have more information, file a JIRA report.


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