Second Life Viewers 2013-16

We have new Beta and Development Viewer releases out.

The current beta viewer is: 3.5.1 (274264) Beta. This one has some changes;

  • Merge Sunshine Beta 2 crash fixes
  • Bulk Delete on Unassociated Inventory results in Error message
  • Bulk Delete does not work on Unassociated Inventory if listing exists
  • Crash on shutdown in logMetricsTimerRecord()
  • CLONE – [crashhunters] crash in LLViewerObject::processTaskInvFile
  • SH-4063 User does not see their update to hover state, but other users do
  • SH-4056 Changes to hover state show before saving shape but then not after while still in editing mode
  • SH-4060 Setting hover to a low value causes it to be set to an even lower value.
  • SH-3331 LLCore::HttpOpRequest::readCallback warning in secondlife.log after ViewerAssetMetrics sent
  • SUN-63 Avatar sits in the air if set “Hover 100” and click “Sit here” on the ground
  • CHUI-872 [CHUIBUG]Torn off chats with message panel hidden sometimes disappear after entering and exiting mouselook
  • SH-4099 Avatar sits in the air if set “Hover 100” and click “Sit here” on the ground

The Development Viewer is: 3.5.2 (274345) Development. There are no published release notes, as it really hasn’t been released.

The Materials Viewer is still build: 274082. Be careful with this viewer. It can possibly mess up existing content. Users have reported it is reasonably reliable and usable. A couple of people use it as their everyday viewer. But, that does not mean they have done everything you may try to do.

As always use these at your own risk. If you have a problem that is unbearable, one of these viewers may have the fix for it.

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