New World Makers Episode 3: Eshi Otawara

Drax has a new video out this morning. When I look at it on YouTube it was 24 minutes old. The video runs 5 minutes. Eshi is a dress designer making dresses in Second Life™ that would be difficult to impossible to make in RL.

Even if you watch the video here, please click over to YouTube and LIKE the video. As always get links to these video in as many places as you can, not to my site – which I like but, linking directly to Drax’s Facebook or YouTube. That helps get these videos better ranking in search engines.

It is this video in which Eshi puts on gloves and manipulates things in Second Life by moving her hands in the air. This is the LEAP thing I wrote about in New Second Life Controller Experiment. Eshi is not using LEAP. This is what she would like to have. She and Drax were imagining what it would be like, which is pretty neat.

LEAP Motion integration with Second Life™was started as a side project of Simon Linden. Simon is busy with Linden Lab work and has not worked on it much recently. So, the integration project could be picked up by an open source developer. Oz Linden said the Lab was open to that.

Eshi Otawara

Of course you can find her online SL Profile on the web. It includes links to her blog and web site. She is also on Facebook, Flickr, Plurk, and Twitter. Her in-world shop can be found at: Eshi Otawara – Zen Greed!, blackLiquid (29.8281,88.2188,744.341).

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