New Second Life Controller Experiment

A new post popped up on the Linden Blog today: Reaching into Second Life with Leap Motion.

I’m not sure this is something I would be interested in. But, it does show the Lab is experimenting with things, which leaves me wondering if it is just pure research or part of some project. I get the idea it is a promotional thing. But, who knows?

They say:

If you have a Leap Motion controller and would like to experiment with the Second Life Viewer, you can find the source code for these experiments at The indra/newview/llleapmotioncontroller.cpp file contains most new functionality. The Viewer is built to work in several different modes. These modes can be used to control the avatar while flying, send data into Second Life for scripts to intercept, detect hand motions that trigger avatar gestures, or control the camera and avatar movement. To switch between these modes use the “LeapMotionTestMode” value in the Debug Settings, accessible from the Advanced menu.

3 thoughts on “New Second Life Controller Experiment

  1. I really dont see too much “useful” things on this. The control isnt accurate and you need to stand with your arm straight in front of you which can me quite uncomfortable after a while. But if this gets pulished enought, could be a very intuitive and smooth way to handle the fly cam.

    • I turned it off for a day or two to see if I still get the blizzard of spam.

      Having it on makes it difficult to reply to comments from the admin panel.

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