Flufee Destinations: The Arrival

A new Flufee video is out today. Draxtor describes it:

I [Drax] visited “The Arrival” by Rose Borchovski a few days ago & I have to say: immersive art (or whatever we should call a digital-installation-interactive-performance-3D-persistent-sculpture-space-what-­not) is not ON EVERY DARN art curator’s top agenda is a shame… shame… shame…..

You can visit the exhibit and I understand get some balloons. You can see the promo on the Second Life Destination Guide. Or you can go for it: The Arrival.

The Arrival by

The Arrival by Rose Borchovski

I found that you get the balloons as you move through the exhibit.

One thought on “Flufee Destinations: The Arrival

  1. Hi Nalates thank you for the write up – this is such a great example of what can be done only in SL. However – Flufee is his own guy and he did this exploration totally on his own 🙂 I am just gently holding his meshy hand….

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