Gos Boutique Introduction

Everyone is talking about Gos Boutique’s introduction of some new feet and shoes that use the One Time Skin Matching HUD. I think the HUD is pretty cool. Check out this video. 5:34 minutes.

My Nomine skins are never in the databases… I’ll have to look and see.

3 thoughts on “Gos Boutique Introduction

  1. The problem here is near the end of the video where she mentions the alpha blending layer. While this works great in normal rendering, this can result into horribly wrong looking colors in deferred rendering mode when they get hit by projected light.

    This is not only an issue with the Gos shoes, but a general issue with deferred rendering and LL so far refused to do anything against it: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2638

    Since deferred rendering apparently will be needed for the new materials system, it cannot hurt to bug LL to finally do something against it.

  2. “Nomine skins are never in the databases”
    Which is a shame. One of my alts still uses a Nomine skin from 2005, we were just commenting in world about how well it holds up even to the newest skins out there. Munch did good work!

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