A Strangeling in Second Life

Strawberry Singh  has a post about a new game, Strangelings, expected to be out the first quarter of 2013. She says the Ozimals team has joined up with two former Lindens and a financial expert to form Flying Monkey Interactive, Inc. The team is developing a product platform called Toto that will run on iPad, the web, iPhone, and Facebook.

Strawberry Singh as a Strangeling

The Magic of Oz region has been remade to create a promotional and information spot in Second Life. It is an all mesh area. Check it out. Also bounce over to Strawberry’s blog and see the video she made. It shows the Strangling in all is awesome cutness: Strangelings & Mesh Oz! 


Magic of Oz – Visit at night

I strongly encourage you to visit the Magic of Oz region. The region is an example of what can be done with mesh and talent.

For my Myst Online friends, Magic of Oz is a place that has that magical feel of the cavern and ages.

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