Whiskey Monday’s Art iRL

Several blogs have covered the art of Whiskey Monday. See the following articles for information on who Whiskey Monday is and some of her art.

Obviously I like Whiskey’s art. You can see it on her web: WhiskeyMonday.com, and Flickr.

Whiskey Monday

The notable change is Whiskey is now selling RL prints, giclee, of her Second Life™ art. Giclee is a high end printing process used for fine art. It is expensive, but it lasts. When one cannot afford original art, a giclee is the next best thing.

You can find the art for sale at Fine Art America. Getting the source for giclee printing is a bit of work. So, not all of Whiskey’s art is on Fine Art America. If you find something on Flickr, you can ask that it be uploaded.

Good luck Whiskey.




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