Kokua Viewer Project Update

You probably know the Kokua Viewer is the replacement for the Imprudence viewer. There are alpha or experimental versions of the viewer that you can use on Second Life and OpenSim grids.

Kokua/Imprudence Viewers

You probably don’t know they are up to version, which is based on the Second Life™ viewer code version 3.3.4 Release 3.

The Kokua blog is: Kokua/Imprudence Blog, not very original, but very practical.

The Kokua Viewer Download… looking for a link? There really isn’t one. There is no official release of the Kokua viewer. There is however an experimental version you can use… for testing of course.  Today’s current Kokua Viewer download is here. This will change as time passes. The link should remain live over time as it is into a wiki release notes page.

The official download page is here: Kokua Experimental download. The problem is it doesn’t seem to be kept up to date. The OSGrid page, mentioned next updates faster.

In the OSGrid forum there is a thread that is about the most up to date information I have found, outside of the Kokua Wiki. Check out the OSGrid Forum thread: Kokua Viewer Project. The last page of the thread will have the latest information. The open post sets out the purpose of the thread. Take a few seconds to read it.

This is a larger than normal viewer project, at least in my mind. Kokua and Aurora Simulator are sister projects. Due to changes in the OpenSim community and code licensing programmers are free to work on both the viewer and the simulator. The crossover is expected to improve viewer to simulator integration on the OpenSim grids and enhanced features on the Aurora based grids.

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