Radegast Viewer 2.6

I’ve seen this viewer appearing in Inara Pey’s Viewer Round Up’s. She also did a good review of Radegast 2.2 in early August. I saw some information on the OSGrid forum that interested me so I did some checking.

Radegast Viewer Splash Screen

Between Inara’s review and the Radegast Wiki one can get a good impression of how the viewer works.

The Wiki describes the viewer as:

Lightweight client for connecting to Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds.

Radegast is feature rich GUI client. With its full support for all communication within a virtual world (chat, IM, group IM, friends conference) it’s ideal for situations where full 3D client is less than ideal solution, for example, an office environment, too slow a machine and similar.

It’s written using libopenmetaverse, and it runs on any platform that supports .NET/mono. It’s being actively tested on Windows and Linux.

There is a good collection of screen shots on the wiki. See: Radegast Screenshots.

I’m not going to install the viewer and review it. It just doesn’t look like fun. I mean that it won’t be ‘fun’ for me. It just isn’t something I want to play with. I will be keeping it in mind for when I am away from home and must use a light weight computer.

6 thoughts on “Radegast Viewer 2.6

    • Same here. It’s almost perfect for when you need an alt. to test permissions or some feature of a project that’s being worked on. Permissions in general, actually, as well as for whenever your main system keels over and your backup computer is all you have available.

  1. I must also chime in for Radegast. For just logging in and keeping up with IMs, groups, or just sorting your inventory, Radegast is excellent. It also has a 3D view, you can get a ‘peek’ of wat is around you if you really need to. But I use Radegast on my netbook and to log in an ALT for various roleplay situations where I have a second avatar in a scene.

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