Group Edit Update Week 37

Update: The JIRA post was updated 07/Sep/12 5:07 PM. ADITI regions Aglia and Chooqu Clone have the new server code.

Group Edit changes are moving forward. The server program with the changes was being built (compiled) on September 7th. My previous article included links to the Project viewer and the JIRA. The test regions in ADITI will be posted in the JIRA.

JIRA – SVC-4968 – Group won’t load – too many members

For now, bugs found by Third Party Viewer Developers won’t be able to be added to this SL JIRA item, unless they are individually added to the correct JIRA groups. You can tell if you are in the group by looking at the bottom of the JIRA item’s page. If there is a Comment Button, you are in the right group, provided the item has not been closed.

There is the thing going around about JIRA items that are triaged being closed. So far, mine have only closed when we were done. So, there may be some confusion over the word triage and when an item is considered triaged. Perhaps a better word could have been used as ‘triage’ seems to have been used with a jargon meaning rather than the dictionary definition most of us hear.

As of 9/12 the code had not been deployed to a test region in ADITI. Watch the JIRA for an update from Baker Linden.

This round of testing is mostly for Third Party Developers. The ADITI region servers are slower because they contain a large amount of debugging code. But, they will allow TP Dev’s to test their viewers and code.

Until the TP Dev’s have had a crack at the new service for some period of time, don’t expect it to move to RC channels. I expect to see the code running in some region in ADITI this week or next week. But, things did back up over the last two weeks, so may be not.

See GROUP EDIT for more information on the subject.

One thought on “Group Edit Update Week 37

  1. I got an IM from Baker today that it is available for testing on the following regions: Aglia, Carpentaria, Chooqu Cline, Engine Room
    I tried it and the groups load, but unfortunatly the group data is way outdated, so my groups have just 2000 members instead of 10000.

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