Finding Viewer Reviews

You can find all the published reviews of any viewer by Googling (that IS the preferred spelling – I checked) using a search term like: [Name] Viewer Review. The symbols [ ] denote text you replace.

To find my reviews look in the top menu for Viewers and select a name in the drop down. Not all the viewers have a page of their own. There is no reason for a viewer being listed or not other than I choose to make the page. I generally do that when I think it is handy for me.

If a viewer is not listed in the top menu, look in the left column for the Category drop down selector. You’ll find more viewer names there. If the name is not in Categories, I haven’t reviewed it.

Due Diligence

I suggest you be careful about who’s reviews you believe. There are hoax and scam viewers out there. The people that have made them have also made some bogus reviews. You’ll find them in various places. If you find a review here, on Inara’s blog, or SLUniverse you can be pretty sure it is a legitimate viewer review.

There are other sites that do good reviews. I’m not going to try and list them. I would miss some for sure. Just make sure you look at 2 or 3 sources before using a viewer for an Payment Enabled SL account.

Also… don’t take what I say as PROOF a viewer is safe. I often use a viewer for weeks or months on an account that does not have payment info.

Remember. It is your money and your responsibility to decide whether you think a viewer is safe. The Emerald Viewer scandal should have taught us that is no easy task.

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