If you use the ADITI grid for proofing your various types of builds, you’ll be glad to know that Maestro Linden has just changed the status of SVC-7727Aditi grid problem. After changing my password to cause my inventory on Aditi to update, my inventory no longer saves changes made to it from session to session. The JIRA item is now marked FIXED.

I think I was part of some Linden experimenting because I saw my account on ADITI start working a couple of weeks ago. I had been dealing with problems on ADITI since the beginning of March and adding to the JIRA every so often.

Maestro suggests that your follow these steps and try ADITI again.

  1. Change your AGNI password, meaning change your login password. This affects all Second Life logins.
  2. Wait 24 hours.
  3. Log into ADITI.

That is simple enough. Of course if you see the problem after waiting the 24 hours, say so in the JIRA.

I changed my password today at about 3:15 PM SLT. I’ll try logging into ADITI sometime after 3:15 PM tomorrow.


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