Dolphin Viewer False Positive

I am not a fan of Norton Anti-Virus. My opinion is that company is more about selling software than making an excellent product. Whatever the case, Lance has posted a new article on the Dolphin Viewer blog.

It seems Norton AV is detecting Dolphin Viewer 3’s slplugin.exe as a possible virus. Lance has explained what he has done to check that a virus has not snuck into any of his systems or the viewer files.

The latest Dolphin Viewer is not setting off my ESET/NOD32.


One thought on “Dolphin Viewer False Positive

  1. The latest Firestorm version is just out, and there are reports of Norton also triggering on the slplugin.exe included with that.

    Two different new viewers showing the same symptoms? And I don’t see anything of this with Avast AV (updated earlier this week). There’s a pattern here, and the common factor is Norton.

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