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You may or may not know about some of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) abuse that is happening. I’m a free market supporter and in general believe in protecting Intellectual Property Rights. But, this 2001 law in the USA, with similar laws in other counties, violates some of ideas expressed by the founding fathers of America. This law uses guilty until proven innocent logic, which is about as anti-American and anti-freedom as one can get. The remedy to prevent misuse, which opponents of the law said would never work, is a law suit for damages.

Fund Raiser in Pulse

The problem is a DMCA Complaint is easy to file with almost no downside. Fighting it is difficult and there is no real up side. The recording industry and related companies liked that it was difficult to fight and easy to use. DMCA has consistently been misused for coercion and elimination of competition. We are seeing its misuse in Second Life™.

So, there are fund raisers going on to fight such abuse in SL. One such is from One Voice. There is a 5 skin, eyes, and shape pack on sale at Pulse Avatar Art. 100% of the sale price goes to support Gala Phoenix and hopefully pay her legal fees to fight what many of us consider a bogus DMCA filing. US$20,000 is needed, at least.

Check out the skins here: Pulse Skin SLURL.

Read more about fund raiser here: Pulse Avatar Art.

The Skins

3 thoughts on “Fund Raiser DMCA Abuse

  1. Very nice skins! I’ll be going there to support Gala. To me, the abuse is obvious, and I need a good skin. This is why I have always been against any IP or copyright legislation, as it is never about helping the actual people that make items, only the corporations that claim ownership to the actual creators creations. This is exactly why the DMCA process works the way it does, cause it was created by large corporations to protect their own interests and be able to steal from the actual creators. They wrote the legislation, so why would they write a law in a way that questions their legitimacy? How this would work for the average person was never even taken into account.

    • Citizens have a say about the laws that are passed. Trusting politicians and re-electing incumbents is never a good idea. Only when a politician is sensitive to voters are citizens’ interests looked to. Those in office long enough figure out how to take special interest money and begin catering to those interests. The grassroots citizen movements in America are becoming stronger as more people begin to pay attention to politics. We may get some of these problems fixed. After all, originally patents and copyright laws were written for the benefit of the individual.

  2. For anyone interested, there’s a somehow long, but very comprehensive, summary of the whole Curio/Hush situation, which is why the fund raiser is taking place, available here:

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