#Second Life News Update II Week 14

There is some meaty news out.

The blog post and charts on grid stability are still in progress. Oskar Linden seems excited that the grid did as well as it did for the past four weeks. May be we will see the post and charts next week. I was expecting them this week.

Beta Server Meeting

Maestro Linden gave us a bit more on the Network Stability fixes that rolled out Tuesday. Some of the throttles and fixes were to prevent some griefer DoS type attacks. That’s about all we are going to get on that.

Hemiptera Cleansing

Next week this server maintenance package should make it to a release channel. The package is currently running in Sandbox Island, ADITI.

SVC-5488 is fixed in the form of: llGetAgentList, which returns a list of agent keys in the current region specification. There is no sort order in the returned list. There is no longer an option to limit the return. The function returns up to 100 keys for the residents in the region scope specified; AGENT_LIST_PARCEL, AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER and AGENT_LIST_REGION.

SCR-15 – Add flag parameter [vector slice] to llSetPrimitiveParams. It looks like we will get PRIM_SLICE. This will allow scripts to control prim slices. Kelly Linden said, “It [PRIM_SLICE] is not part of the existing shape parameters. You can get and set it independently.”

SVC-680 – Increase HTTP Response body size from 2048 to 4096 or larger. For those scripting connections from inside SL to exterior web sites this is an important improvement. LSL script can set it up to 4k and mono scripts can set it up to 16k.


Falcon Linden announced:

  1. This evening (4/5) we are planning (barring unforeseen problems) to roll a new sim version to the Pathfinding regions on AGNI. It should improve performance a little, but more importantly it contains a number of crash fixes and similar fixes.
  2. In about an hour, (say 5 or 5:30 PDT), the bleeding edge Pathfinding viewer will be available. You can download via a link on the Pathfinding Beta Viewers page. Get the Bleeding Edge version (here).
  3. The new Pathfinding project viewer has a completely different way of rendering the Navmesh and objects. The current version of the viewer fails to render the Navmesh if you have a HUD attached. That HUD thing is supposed to be fixed.
  4. I think there is one known issue. Once you display a character walkability heatmap, you have to close and reopen the floater before you can toggle other layers… or something like that.
  5. Also, we’re looking into the weirdly difficult-to-deal-with kinematics of some characters (acceleration, deceleration, turning). All those kinematics are fairly borked right now. Fixing one breaks the others. We’re working on it 🙂

Flight Limits

For unassisted flight an avatar can make it up to about 150 to 180 meters. That is about to change. The Lindens are considering raising the limit. In Morris, ADITI you can test how flight assist devices and flight feathers will work after the change.

All of mine work just fine. The Lindens have not decided what the limit will change to. It will likely be either 800m or 4096m.

There was some concern that the change would rocket avatars with flight assist on into outer space. A number of us tested out flight feathers in Morris. No problems. No launches.

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