Second Life Pathfinding Week 14

Pathfinding is advancing. More testing is needed. As we play with it we are finding problems. Those are being fixed. Since we are easily finding problems we need more testers to extend the context and hardware variety.


This call will fail and drag the region’s Time Dilation down if there is no Navmesh within 20m. That isn’t intentional. Expect it to be fixed.

Neat Avatars


The 3.3.1 (251341) Project Viewer does not have working Navmesh tools. Some of them work. The Show Navmesh part doesn’t work for me. The download link for 3.3.2 (252475) fails. So, I am stalled playing with the ‘Tools’ feature of Pathfinding.

Falcon Linden is looking for someone that has started marking up their regions with walkables, obstacles, materials, and volume exclusions.  They need a complex real use scenario to test the Show Tools on.

If you have hit the problem of not being able to see the Navmesh see JIRA: PATHBUG-63.

Character Stops

Some are seeing pursuit scripts stop pursuing for a second or two and start again. It seems the character gets to the last known position of the avatar it is chasing, pauses while it finds the avatar and start up again.

Falcon Linden says the problem is in the character setup. He has not been able to reproduce the problem. If you run into the problem please add your information to the PATHBUG JIRA.

The Pursue and Evade functions only update once every 15 frames. Using PURSUIT_INTERCEPT may avoid the visible pauses.

Pursuit is: Smart Predictive Pursuit. It takes into account the fact you cannot walk through walls.

See: PATHBUG-64 – Character stops moving on minor path direction changes.


The events that work are dependent on whether Pursue/Evade are being used. If so, NEAR and AT GOAL will not fire. Setting PATROL_PAUSE_AT_WAYPOINTS to TRUE will enable them.


Lots of work is ongoing on Pathfinding. There are some Daleks running around ADITI in the Pathfinding regions. Be careful, if you go there.

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