Direct Delivery Fix

I came across Darrius Gothly explaining to someone how to get stuck items out of the Unassociated Items List. I think that info is handy to know, so I’m publishing it here.

The problem is seen when you move a Market Place item from your Magic Box to Direct Delivery using the Merchant’s Outbox. The previous item from the Magic Box is moved to the Unassociated Items List. If you just delete it, it will come back… again ad again. If you delete from the Magic Box and the list, it will still come back again and again. They seem impossible to remove. Darrius has a fix:

If you simply want to remove them from your Unassociated Inventory Items list (at the top of the Manage Listings page) then you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Make sure they are no longer present in any Magic Boxes
  2. If the Magic Boxes are now empty and will not be used again, TAKE them into your Inventory
  3. If you removed any Magic Boxes from In-World then use the “Magic Box Status” option in the Inventory Category (click “Cancel” to get past the warning that appears) and then Force Remove those Magic Boxes you have removed from In-World.
  4. On the Manage Listings page, click the “Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes” button near the top of the Manage Listings page then wait about 5 minutes and …
  5. Refresh or reload the Manage Listings page. All the items that are no longer in Magic Boxes should be removed from the Unassociated Inventory Items list at the top of the Manage Listings page.

Above and to the right of the Unassociated Items List is a Sync with Magic Boxes button. Click it and wait. Darrius recommends 5 minutes. I’ll say at least 5 minutes. It is way tempting to immediately hit Refresh to reload the page. Avoid the temptation. Find chocolate instead.

This process is working for me.

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