Direct Delivery Poll

Princess Verwood has posted in the SL Forum that she is running a poll on whether merchants are changing from boxes to folders. Of course in the forum few people will see the poll. So, I’m reposting here.

I’m not sure enough people are able to use the Merchant’s Outbox to have decided.

I think I have 4 products out via Merchant’s Outbox. I’ve done those with folders. Previously they were boxed items in the Market Place.

Darrius Gothy points out that with the new ‘View Contents’ feature in the Market Place, using folders is more important. I know I prefer buying things in-world using BUY so I can open the package and see what all is in the box/purchase. Many items lack good information on the ‘box’ or product description. So, it is hard to know exactly what one is getting.

If one wants to sell to me, tell me lots about the product.

UPDATE: Oh DUH! Add the article link: Poll – Second Life Direct Delivery: Folders or Boxed?

Direct to poll link: POLL


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