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Coming from Myst Online MadPea has always fascinated me. If you don’t know who MadPea is, you are missing out on once of Second Life’s creative groups. While skimming through my reader I saw Honour’s quick review of MadPea’s Show and Tell. They do a show and tell thing on Sunday’s at 2 PM SLT. It was just 2 PM so I popped over. It’s in-world at the MadPea Base.

MadPea Show & Tell

I got there and had to change viewers. Sculpties or Mesh was going nuts and filling my screen. A quick change of viewer and all was working as expected.

Show and Tell

This show and tell thing is about people showing things they have built, as Honour describes it, their inventions.

Apollosmile's Music Machine

Apollosmile Resident was showing a musical instrument. I think it is pretty awesome. Great sound, a bit like a harpsichord. For SL it’s a: WOW! Didn’t know you could do that.

Dynamic Voice Reactive Cubes

Takni's Voice Reactive Cubes

Takni Miklos was showing a dynamically rezzing art that changes based on what you say. The show host was wearing a small version on her shoulder that was changing as she talked. Each word produces a unique but repeatable arrangement of cubes and colors. It’s mesmerizing.

Eoline's Twister Game

More Twister

Eoline Uralia was showing a Twister Game. I’m not sure it would be as fun as in RL, but it is pretty amazing.

Forst Sneed poofed before he/she got to show.

Arduenn Reminds me of Pigpen

Arduenn Schwart was showing his… litter thing. Ground trash builds up around him. Or decorates the ground as he walks around. Its particle trash, so not heavy sim hit.

the Door - Lots of Detail - Prim Cost: 5

Power VR Resident was showing an amazingly detailed set of doors. The standard door had a 5 prim LI cost and the cartoon door had a 10 prim LI cost.

The show is an interesting hour.

Sanity Falls

MadPea is promoting their coming game Sanity Falls. They have a video out.


There are more fun things to do in Second Life than I can get to. The MadPea Show & Tell is interesting. If you visit click the contest board and add some Linden$.


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