#SL Server News Week 13

The news is there is no news. :/

This Tuesday the grid will probably get a rolling restart. It has been almost 4 weeks since we had a roll and restart on the main grid. This restart is just to clean up problems and flush out memory leaks.

In general the servers have done very well during this period. We should see a blog post about that this week.

Release Channels

Oskar Linden didn’t say yet what is rolling out to the release channels in the week forum post. However, from Kelly Linden’s scripting group word came that the RC’s will get the Phase I Region Crossing code. This is the maintenance package we have been seeing roll to the RC’s, get revisions, and roll to RC’s again for a few weeks now.

Down the Road

Next week we should see new packages reaching the RC’s. The next package will contain bug/crash fixes and blocking of some griefer exploits. The week after that we should see some more script function changes.


We will probably hear more about the servers later in the week.

There is effort going into Direct Delivery, Pathfinding, and Experience Tools. Only Pathfinding is in open beta. So, we are not hearing much from the Lindens. With Direct Delivery I think they are in trouble. It has already missed one projected delivery date. The first quarter revised release date was sort of made. But, those of us using it don’t see it as having been ready for release. But, it is here and we are stuck with it. I suspect there is lots of scrabbling by and pressure on the Commerce Team to get DD working.

We aren’t hearing anything from the Experience Tools team. I can guess they have yet to move forward because of all the people I know that signed up for the closed beta asking if anyone has heard anything.

I also am seeing more griefing problems. That has to keep some significant portion of the Lab’s staff busy figuring out how to stop those abuses.

While we aren’t see or hearing much, there is work going on.

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