#SL Server News Week 12

There haven’t been any rolls to the main grid for a couple of weeks now. Rolls to the Release Channel have also been slow. However, the updated region crossing package is back on all 3 release channel s; Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum.

This is the multi-threaded crossing code. It is still in Phase I.  The Lindens are optimistic about it. As of Friday 3/23 it had been working well. It was looking like it would roll to the main channel Tuesday 3/27.

We are not likely to see any change when this package is rolled out. This code is the foundation for coming changes that will improve performance.

New Stats

We should see a blog post this coming week about server performance. At the development pace the Lab has been keeping to it is rare to have a long period without server restarts. So, the last 3 weeks have allowed the Lab to see how the servers are holding up.

It seems they are doing exceptionally well. The Lindens will be releasing information about recent performance. So, they must have some pride in it.


I’m not usually in places where I encounter griefers. But, recently I have been encountering more griefing. The subject is coming up in some of the user group meetings too. The Adult Content public sandbox Vortex has been encountering so much griefing it is almost unusable. See: Vortex the future.

Some other sandbox owners have experienced an up tic in problems.

The Lindens normally will not discuss security issues. So, it’s not surprising we hear nothing about actions they are taking. When one of the sandbox owners brought it up in a recent meetings a quick check by one of Lindens found the region down again for the 6th or 7th time of the day. However, the DNOC was already looking into the problem. So, something is being done. It is just frustrating to be out of the loop when you have a crashing region.

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