Second Life Mainland Rezoning?

Second Life is full of rumors. If you can’t find one you like, make one up. A new rumor to me is the idea that Governor Linden is going to rezone the mainland. I can’t find any reason for the rumor or even a source of it. I first came across it in the SL forum in a post by Gingir Ghoststar.


East River Community Map


Gingir Ghoststar

Gingir Ghoststar has ranted about rezoning the mainland a couple of times. She has one of the more interesting feeds I’ve seen in SL. (See Gingir Ghoststar) Her collection of SL posts is here. In her Flickr bio she writes: “Gingir Ghoststar is my alter ego in Second Life. I am Gingir Rocks from and co-host a daily video game news web cast [called] Lunch with Gingir and Cori.” I found it under Gamer Girls Radio. The audios are about 45 minutes long. The show is girl oriented and is about gaming in general with Second Life stuff. The fashion is sexy, as is the role play things they get into (Cori is a host with Gingir). The blog and fashion is the kind of stuff I would recommend to my BFF Shayla. Just read the URL hiding under the last link. 🙂

I can’t find the first rant. The current one, and one has to REALLY stretch to call this a rant, is: Mainland Revamp. The positive thing about this “Rumor Thread” is people are putting out ideas for how they would like things to be. There are the seemingly obligatory sourpuss posts, but amazing few.

There is a thing going on since the creation of Zindra, the Adult Content Continent. Some people and shops had to move off the mainland because of their adult content. You’ve no doubt heard sex sells… there are a number of ways to take that. In Second Life whatever way you take it, you’ll find it being sold. This has made Zindra popular for lots of merchants and club owners. Any place that attracts people attracts merchants. The result is we have lots of empty space on the mainland. Some people are unhappy about that and would like to see some things revamped to make the mainland a more interesting place.

Gingir proposes zoning. Areas would be for homes, businesses, etc. This would make it easier to explore interesting areas and find related things. Others of course would like to avoid that and enjoy the chaos that is the mainland now. And others want something in between.

Indigo Mertel

Indigo Mertel

Indigo is probably known by everyone, see her Plurk, Feed, blog, and posts. Indigo talks about the communities in Second Life, which are working on parts of the mainland. Indigo does lots to disseminate information in SL, which how I know of her. But, she is also working within a community in Second Life. She posted an excellent comment in Gingir’s thread explaining what she doesn’t think will work and offering an alternative. It is a great example of: if one is going to complain or shoot down and idea, never do so without providing a better alternative.

If you living on the mainland and would like to clean up the hood, check out the thread.

5 thoughts on “Second Life Mainland Rezoning?

  1. sigh —– the “hood” looks just fine to me, and more people are coming back all the time!
    Long ago we had a kind of open “zoning”. Businesses clustered around the Telehubs (remember them?). We lost something with direct teleport but there is no going back without stepping on the toes of existing landholders. Better sim crossings would encourage people to use the roads and some changes to Marketplace would bring roadside shops back — I will not hold my breath waiting for either.

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for the mention! Imagine my surprise when I saw our community map in my feed aggregator. I had to rush here to see what was going on. Most of all, thanks for covering this topic as it is one I care a lot.

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