#SL Received Items Folder – Update III

It’s hard to know what the latest information and plans are.  It does look like the Commerce team is pushing ahead on Direct Delivery. Check this post by Commerce Linden @ 03-13-2012 12:00 PM: Direct Delivery Launching March 21, 2012.

Received Items Folder

There will be a Received Items folder coming with Direct Delivery. However, they say it will only be used for items coming from the Market Place.

llGiveInventoryList() will not change. So, your Magic Box that sends things to the Objects folder will send things to the Objects folder. Nor will it break RLV’s ability to send items to an #RLV folder.

The #Folders

You may have noticed a number of #Folder names if you use more than one third party viewer. There seems to be a consensus to name folders needed by the viewer as #Something.

You will see the #RLV folder regardless of which viewer you are using, once you use a viewer with RLV and it creates the #Folder, the folder appears in all viewers. It lives in the SL servers. You’ll see #Firestorm, #Phoenix and other #Folders. If you stop using a viewer or RLV and remove it from your computer, you can also delete the related #Folder.


It looks like the roll date for Direct Delivery will make the first quarter target date after all. Many thing in SL are depending on it. The recent apparent lull in new software rolling out is probably due to the effort going into cleaning up and rolling out Direct Delivery.

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