Reducing Prim Count

Some time ago I saw a forum post about reducing prim count by changing from the old prim count accounting to the new Land Impact cost accounting. Many people think the Lab was screwing residents over with the new Land Impact system. They simply haven’t figured out how to use the new system to their advantage. It is possible to use the new system and reduce your prim costs.

Prim Saving Tutorial

Prim Size

When mesh objects and Land Impact were rolled out along with them was a change to the maximum prim size. The max size went from 10 meters to 64 meters. This allows one to replace over six prims with one prim. That is a possible 640% savings in prim costs or looked at another way, you get 640% more prim coverage in a region for the same price…

Cubes Count Half

When a cube is moved into the Land Impact accounting system it counts as 0.5 prims. So, you can have two cubes for the price of one. This essentially pushes the possible savings from 640% to 1,280%.


Scripts can kill off the savings. Adding a script anywhere in the link set when using Land Impact can drive your cost back up. Typically the cost doubles, but there are many variables.

Mesh Not Required

So, how does one get their prim cubes into the Land Impact accounting without adding mesh? Easy. In the Build Tool click the Features Tab. Just below the tab is a setting for Physics Shape Type. When set on PRIM it uses the older prim accounting. Set it on Convex Hull  to shift to the Land Impact accounting.


Ciaran Laval has a short tutorial: Using Convex Hull To Lower Land Impact. It does a good job of showing the possible savings. Ciaran shows the Build Panel and the setting to change. He also shows how to avoid the hit from including scripts. Its short. Check it out.


The prim cost saving does not work with all prims. Tori are expensive if moved into the Land Impact accounting. Experiment and learn what can and cannot give you prim savings.

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