Phoenix Hour Week 41

You can find the latest Phoenix Hour video here: Phoenix Hour. The following is my summary of the Hour. There are several interesting items disclosed in the meeting. But, there are no ETA’s on FS (Firestorm) or PH (Phoenix) release dates. There is one BIG PROBLEM looking ahead, see 53:00.

01:00 – 1 year of Phoenix Hour Shows

02:00 – LL server upgrades – No one had any clue what they were talking about. You can skip this section. See the Server News here. In the menu  click The Stuff -> SL Server Related.

04:00 – Fake support groups. A number of fake support groups with rather rude and abusive support people pose as Phoenix support groups. This is resulting in complaint coming into the Phoenix Team.

One can tell if the group is a ‘real’ Phoenix support group. Look in the member list for Jessica Lyon or Ed Merryman. If a group is a real Phoenix group, it will have one or both of these names as the group owners. Use the fake groups at your own risk.

06:25 – Renewed focus on Firestorm – Making Firestorm login more like Phoenix login, work on the bottom menu bar, getting keys to work with chat like they do in V1 chat, auto-height for chat (08:15), plan to kill the V3 chicklets, and add a quick V1 menu button, which will allow one to click it and switch to V1 menus temporarily.

11:40 – The more the team changes away from the LL V3 user interface the harder it will be to keep up with LL viewer development. Future interface changes will be some type of compromise. The idea is to make the viewer V3 compatible and still have a V1 User Interface (UI) option for V1 users moving up.

13:00 – The team has been working on getting spell check working, mouse look stuff and beacons, mouse look zoom, local and IM history visible in mouse look, working on radar and giving it its own floater, (15:00) mesh uploader may be in next release, inventory list jump-to-top is fixed… killed, Ctrl-F active for find and replace in note cards.

18:20 – open house development meeting – size of FS/PH team: 5 or 6 active developers, 7 or 8 semi-active developers, and 90% user support. (21:50) About all the different Contributors and their contributions.

27:40 – Phoenix mailing list for contributors and self compilers. List is not for user questions or casual chat.

32:00 – Open Source resource is open to all. Basic courtesy of the FS/PH Team is not to release others features before they do and requests FS/PH features not be released before they are released by FS/PH.

34:30 – Start Break – 36:40 – End Break

36:40 – About being a contributor and a developer on the FS/PH team.

40:30 – Contact sets – This sounds like an awesome feature. The FS/PH team will be offering classes on the use of contact sets. This are like Google Circles.

41:30 – Start Q&A

Voice grayed out… what to do? Go to support and get help. Search the FS/PH Wiki. The file slvoice.exe is sometimes deleted by anti-virus.

43:20 – When will FS be released and when will PH get mesh? Can’t say. There are some significant problems to be fixed before the next release. (45:20) PH, can’t say. Current hold up is RLV and mesh bugs.

46:30 – Asked to know more about unreleased features courtesies. This is mostly about giving props where they are due.

49:10 – When can we get a FS will new features like spell check?  Still no ETA.

51:10 – Is AO fixed? Lots of AO fixed added, but not complete.

52:00 – How hard is it to design a Viewer SKIN? Programming skills not needed. Basic XML would help. But the XML is simple and most people can learn it on the fly. So, reasonably easy.

53:00 – How will LL’s announcement that they plan to change the UI affect FS? The team is still trying to figure that out. The FS/PH team has no more information than the rest of the community as to what changes in UI are coming. It is rumored the change is significant. If that is true, it is going to be a big issue for the FS/PH team and may set back FS development.

55:15 – When will we be able to use newer video cards with mesh? It is a LL bug and the FS/PH team has no ETA for when it may be fixed. Runitai Linden is working on fixes.

56:15 – Has the fonts bug pushing text off screen been fixed? These are the note card editing bugs that get text and cursor out of sync. Most of them have been fixed in FS. Some problems remain.

57:15 – Will FS support DOT HP8 (?) HPA (?) uploads? No idea what that is.

58:30 – out of questions

Remainder of discussion about coming changes in SL. Mostly speculation.

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