Torley Focus Changes

Torley Linden’s user page just changed, adding a cryptic sentence, “My work focuses have drastically changed as of mid-October 2011. I hope to eventually update this. I know the Observers are watching me; if you get my drift, I’m the Olivia Dunham of this shiznit.

Olivia is a character in the TV series Fringe. Her notable characteristics are a doppelganger in a parallel universe, a sort of mind link to her dying lover-partner, higher mind function from a childhood government experiment (or is it from an experiment on children?), the ability to discern whether objects originated in a parallel universe, and other unspecified psychic abilities.

That makes for a pretty broad drift to ‘get’.

Lots of hints are appearing that changes are coming to SL.

5 thoughts on “Torley Focus Changes

    • SL is a long running online virtual world. So, they have done something right. While I disagree about LL change rarely being good, I think I can understand why some would think so.

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  2. This could also mean that he is now making sure that Walter (a very much mad scientist in the series that just might stand for the LL developer team or for the management ;D ) stays on track and does what is needed to save the day.

    But yes, changes seem to be coming and while there is a lot that need change and many areas to improve, the previous track record in managing those by LL has been less then good. So I expect peopel getting more and more nervous the more those changes become visible.

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