#SL Physics-Scripting Update Week 23

On June 3 Maestro Linden emailed the Scripters List that the Mesh Prep version of the server software has been updated on ADITI grid. These changes are to fix problems experienced with some vehicles.  Refer to these JIRA issues:

  • SVC-7015 “Vehicle Physics Issues with Magnum”
  • <no SVC Jira #> “The Monorail in the TOYOSU region gets stuck”
  • SVC-7011 “Sim lag after last server maintenance”

You can find the latest version deployed to the following ADITI grid regions:

  • Following Seas 2
  • Sandbox Island
  • Sandbox Wanderton
  • Fame
  • Balance
  • Morris
  • Sandbox Goguen
  • Rizal
  • Lusk
  • Sandbox Cordova
  • Combat (sandbox) – Red Team’s HQ
  • Combat (sandbox) – Blue Team’s HQ
  • Love Forever
  • Aglia
  • Cichlid
  • Egglebury

I’m unclear on whether these changes made it to the Magnum Release Channel this week. Your looking for a server version DRTSIM-52

If you make vehicles you will probably want to test them in Magnum or ADITI.

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