New Sculpty Tutorials

Gaia Clary is updating the sculpty tutorials on The original tutorials were made using mostly Blender 2.49b. Now that Blender 2.57b is out and in popular use the need for new tutorials is growing. The way things are done in 2.49 and 2.57 are different. So, one can’t transfer a process from one to the other.

The first video tutorial in a series came out June 1. You can see it here: Basics about Sculpted Prims

Blender 2.57 Sculpty Tutorial

New Sculpty Tutorial for Second Life

I think the video is the best explanation of how the mechanics of sculpties work. I’ve seen several debates in the SL Forum about how many vertices are in what size sculpty map. It gets way confusing. This video should help you understand the mechanics and avoid confusion.


It looks like by the end of August we’ll have mesh in use across the main grid. Gaia has a poll running that asks what tutorials people would like to see in regard to mesh. Visit the site and cast your vote.

See: What is the most wanted Mesh tutorial ?




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