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In the forum an irritated resident was asking for an update on chat. I too am frustrated with chat. So many of my group-chats never post. I get an error message. But, looking for an update I see there is a glimmer of hope. There is a chat load test scheduled for June 2 on the ADITI grid for the… new system (?)… or may be just the changed existing text system.

Thursday, the 2nd of June, 2011 @ 4PM PT see:

The Lab was working on a change over to XMPP Chat. Unfortunately testing revealed that XMPP Chat did not solve the chat problems. The pre-roll out code for XMPP was actually rolled to the main grid some weeks ago. The XMPP Chat code was even added to the KirstenLee Viewer. It was in use on the ADITI grid and looking like it would roll to the main grid. Then went down a black hole with only a slight mention in an office hours meeting that it had not met SL’s needs and chat was being rethought.

Those working on the problem obviously misunderstood the problem. I suspect they underestimated the problem or had unrealistic expectations for XMPP. That embarrassment has made them re-access the SL chat system. Changes were made to the servers and possibly the viewers to collect more data on what is actually happening that causes the slow downs.

I believe this June load testing may be proof of theory testing. So, if things go as they expect, they can move ahead on fixing chat. If not, they’ll remain in research mode figuring out what is happening and we’ll hear little if anything.

Whatever the case, the load test is an indication work is ongoing to solve the chat problem. I suspect the primary plan remains simple and unchanged, fix chat.

There may be parts of the plan we have yet to hear of. Those residents that have worked with XMPP Chat were expecting lots of new chat possibilities and possible ties into Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook. Those interconnections could be part of the plan. We just don’t know.

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