Newer Version LSLEditor 2.42.4127 Released

You may remember that LSLeditor was given to open source by Alphons van der Heijden, the creator. It is now a Source Forge project named, LSLEditor Community Edition. There is also a forum for the editor at Source Forge.

I had not known about the project. The main LSLEditor site is still up.  It is also where I have looked for updates.

If you script for SL or OpenSim using the built-in editor in the viewer, you need to check out LSLEditor. Both the viewer’s script editor and the LSLEditor have problems and bugs. But, LSLEditor has debugging tools that are not available in the viewer editor. It is an impressive bit of programming and well worth learning to use. Especially if you have multi-prim, multi-script projects.

The Project

The Source Forge LSLEditor Project has a download button on the ‘Summary’ page. The download is small (1.2mb). The site menu will take you to all the support options.


I don’t know my way around Souce Forge. So, I may have missed it but I don’t see any release notes. I do see from running the program that it now checks for updates and tells you about them.

There are also supposed to be some of the new LSL Functions that Linden Lab has added recently. I have not been able to check that out yet.

There is As-You-Type Help and code competition.

There are so many great features I’m not even going to try and list them. If you have not tried scripting in LSLEditor, try it.

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